The Truth About SEO In 2016

Posted by Paul Mortimer on 20-Oct-2016 08:00:00

Cut through the hyperbole, scaremongering and false proclamations with this statistical analysis of what really is the truth about SEO in 2016. No nonsense, just honest facts.

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Try Out Inbound Marketing For Free [STARTER PACK]

Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 18-Oct-2016 13:34:26

Do you want to see how an inbound strategy works? Want a shortcut to get your inbound plan off the ground? Or perhaps you wish you could try inbound marketing for free? Well, our inbound starter pack is the solution. We're offering free inbound marketing templates, which you can use to help get a better understanding of inbound and have a go at mapping out your own plan. The best way to find out whether an inbound plan is for you is by having a go yourself. Here's what is included in our starter pack.

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Incorporating Native Marketing Into Your Inbound Strategy

Posted by Paul Mortimer on 13-Oct-2016 12:35:31

A wholly effective inbound strategy should utilise PPC and SEO, as well as content sharing and email nurturing. Incorporating native marketing into your inbound strategy is a great way of attracting new visitors in a helpful, non-intrusive and inbound friendly way.

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5 Tips On How To Increase Call-To-Action Clicks & Conversions

Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 11-Oct-2016 13:22:42

In the inbound marketing methodology, call-to-actions are used to convert online visitors into leads. If your CTAs are failing to grab people's attention or prompt them to act, then your entire inbound campaign will suffer the consequences. Here's some helpful tips on how to increase call-to-action clicks and conversions. 

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How Over 50s Use Social Media And The Internet In 2016

Posted by Paul Mortimer on 05-Oct-2016 07:44:00

A few weeks ago, the Office of National Statistics released figures on internet user habits and demographics in the past 12 months. What we can see is that more over 50s use social media and use the internet to research information before making purchases.

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8 Benefits Of Video Marketing For Growing Businesses

Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 03-Oct-2016 11:51:08

HubSpot has found that 52% of users consume video content thoroughly as opposed to skimming, which is almost twice as many as when reading blogs. As YouTube is now the second most used search engine, it proves people are using videos to learn and be entertained.

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How a footwear company grew online revenue from €389k to €1.7m with inbound marketing

Posted by Paul Mortimer on 28-Sep-2016 19:50:51

In this post, we look at how we managed to grow a large commercial shoe company's online presence with huge revenue growth. This was thanks to not only attracting more visitors; but visitors of better quality who spent more money.

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How We Refurbished Elm Workspace's Marketing To Gain £1.4M In Leads (In Just 12 Months)

Posted by Paul Mortimer on 28-Sep-2016 19:42:00

Here's a pleasing tale. A fit-out and refurbishment company, Elm Workspace, had seen long-term diminishing results from traditional advertising methods (who hasn't?), but had had terrible experiences with digital marketing agencies in the past.

They approached us here at Digital 22 and got a 24 times return on marketing spend and gained £1.4M in warm leads, thanks to our inbound marketing. Find out how by reading on.

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Google AdWords Launches CTA Youtube Video Ads

Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 28-Sep-2016 08:25:00

Google AdWords has launched the new CTAs for Youtube Video Ads on mobile devices. Under the video, you can now see call-to-action buttons that can be adapted to fit the video ad. If you regularly use Youtube ads, then you definitely need to adopt these CTAs into your strategy.

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An Update On Schema Markup: The Latest Headlines

Posted by Paul Mortimer on 27-Sep-2016 13:57:27

In case you missed them or don't have the time to read their own in-depth lowdown, here's a quick update on Schema Markup.


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