Let's Talk About Ad Blocking & Adblock Plus Selling Ad Space

Posted by Paul Mortimer on 23-Sep-2016 06:01:00

There's more news on Ad Blocking with Adblock Plus selling ad space to site owners and content producers who originally had external ads on their sites blocked by Adblock Plus. Interesting. Or is it not? Read the discussion.


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How To Optimise For Google's More Visual Results Page

Posted by Paul Mortimer on 22-Sep-2016 07:50:00

In the past few days, Google has announced, via a short Google+ post, that mobile search results are now featuring even more thumbnails. Make sure your key content is optimised to cater for this. Read why and how here.


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How Online Video Marketing Can Benefit Your Content Strategy

Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 21-Sep-2016 08:01:00

Even though quite a large number of marketers are apprehensive when it comes to video marketing, there's no denying online video is the future. The success story that is YouTube proves how successful video is at grabbing people's attention and bringing them back for more. Along with blogging, you can use online video marketing to benefit your content strategy, here's how:

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6 Reasons You Should Advertise On Facebook

Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 20-Sep-2016 08:01:00

Facebook advertising is an excellent way of engaging with your target market. Especially when there are more than 1 billion active users on Facebook.  By appearing in their newsfeed, you can attract new traffic and new customers. You can also retarget your current customers too. Here are the reasons why you really should consider advertising on Facebook. 


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How Do Bots And Social Media Disrupt SEO?

Posted by Paul Mortimer on 16-Sep-2016 09:34:11

Growing organic presence is still number one priority for sales and marketing teams the world over, but tech is developing in such a way that we have to ask whether bots and social media disrupt SEO.

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The State Of Inbound 2016: Prioritising The Wrong Content

Posted by Paul Mortimer on 15-Sep-2016 08:00:00

Looking further into HubSpot's The State Of Inbound 2016 report and survey results, it is noticeable that there is a real disconnect between what content is being produced and how users want it presented. There's a danger too many businesses are prioritising the wrong content.

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Boosting SEO By Building Backlinks Easily

Posted by Paul Mortimer on 14-Sep-2016 11:08:40

With a little dedicated time and effort, this method will really boost your SEO strategy by building backlinks easily and methodically. These add up and compound into boosting the success of your wider inbound strategy. Read on to see why and how to do it.


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HubSpot State Of Inbound 2016 Survey Results Are Here

Posted by Paul Mortimer on 13-Sep-2016 13:23:40

The leading voice in inbound marketing has released their annual report on the state of the marketing industry. The enormous HubSpot State Of Inbound 2016 survey results have been collated into this one stunning report. It's a massive insight into the goals, challenges and predictions of marketing and sales teams from all over the world. Here are our immediate takeaways and you can access the full report at the end of this blog.

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6 Excellent Apps For Inbound Marketers

Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 12-Sep-2016 12:48:52

There are many handy apps available which can make your life a lot easier at work. Here at Digital 22 we use quite a few apps and extensions to help us work faster and get better results for our clients. Here are the must-have apps for inbound marketers. If you feel we've missed any on this list, then please share yours in the comments below.

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How Turning Off Display Network Placement Of Ads Helps PPC

Posted by Paul Mortimer on 09-Sep-2016 07:30:00

As well as helping improve your return on investment, this technique also helps to improve your click-through-rate. The latter helps to increase your quality score and boost your long term SEO strategy. But it needs real consideration.

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