Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads Are Now Live

Posted by Paul Mortimer on 27-Jul-2016 09:14:57

Google AdWords expanded text ads for paid spots yesterday. These expanded ads are mobile optimised, whilst offering around 50% more text to what was available previously.


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How Influential Are YouTube Stars? More Than Traditional Celebrities According To This Study

Posted by Paul Mortimer on 26-Jul-2016 08:26:49

Popular vloggers and YouTube stars have been shown to be more influential on young millennials and "The YouTube Generation", than traditional A-List celebrities, according to a study by Ipsos Connect. 


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Come And Join Digital 22's Fantasy Premier League

Posted by Paul Mortimer on 22-Jul-2016 10:29:19

If you're a fan of football and Digital 22, come and join our Fantasy Premier League.
Last season, our very own Sam Banks took home the trophy... but could you be the one to take it from him this year?
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How HubSpot CRM Can Improve Your Sales

Posted by Paul Mortimer on 20-Jul-2016 12:10:52

The power of HubSpot lies in the depth it offers in its free customer relationship management. Add in some of the paid add-ons within HubSpot Sales and it offers unparalleled aid to your sales performance. Behaviour tracking, list segmentation and workflow arrangements are all there for you to harness.

With just the basic CRM and a some paid add-ons from HubSpot Sales, these features will allow you to nurture leads more effectively and convert them into sales more often.

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10 TED Talks Every Tech Marketer Should Watch

Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 13-Jul-2016 11:00:31

I had never heard of TED talks until quite recently. But now I'm a big fan. They are valuable presentations which focus on all sort of topics. From 'What's so sexy about math?' to "Can you really tell if a kid is lying?" there is a wide variety of subjects. Here are some TED talks, every tech marketer should should watch.

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6 Of The Best Books About Inbound Marketing You Should Read

Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 07-Jul-2016 08:43:25

Inbound marketing is growing in the UK. Without a doubt, it's helping businesses engage with their ideal customers compared to traditional outbound methods. As there are many different parts of the inbound methodology, you should read about the subject before you get started using it as your marketing strategy. Here are some of the best books on inbound marketing to get you started.


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Google RankBrain Is Nothing To Fear

Posted by Paul Mortimer on 06-Jul-2016 09:46:57

It has been six months since we blogged about the development of Google's RankBrain and how it could impact SEO practice. As Steph advocated at the time, it is best to follow your usual practices and put creating high quality content and copy at the top of your hit list. Here's why.


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Digital 22 Is Now A Platinum HubSpot Partner

Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 29-Jun-2016 09:59:47

We've got some big news over here. Digital 22 has been awarded with Platinum status by HubSpot!

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Capturing The Moment; Google's Euro 2016 Marketing Opportunities

Posted by Paul Mortimer on 22-Jun-2016 15:24:37

Google recently released a study to marketers about how to capture the moment and seize an opportunity during UEFA Euro 2016. The document analyses the impact of the last major football tournament (the 2014 FIFA World Cup) on user searches and subsequent Euro 2016 marketing opportunities.

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AdWords Is Changing For A 'Mobile First World' And You Should Too

Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 09-Jun-2016 11:27:54

Thanks to mobile technology and fast access to the internet, we’re becoming a ‘mobile-first’ world. For any search query, we can use our smart phones to get the answers. To cater for the increasing trend of mobile users, Google has been introducing multiple mobile friendly updates over the last year and now Google has redesigned their AdWords ads for mobile.

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