5 natural ways to boost the number of links to your site

Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 12-Feb-2016 10:01:47

We talk a lot about how external links can benefit your SEO ranking. As Google gives higher ranking positions to sites with high quality links pointing to them, it's worthwhile focusing your time on a link building strategy.  

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#RIPTwitter: Don't freak out about the Twitter changes, it's not all bad

Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 10-Feb-2016 15:15:38

Over the weekend, there was a Twitter storm caused by the news released on Buzzfeed that Twitter was changing its algorithm. The new changes are supposed to affect the real-time timeline, and instead of showing real-time, it's going to show tweets that people would most like to see (so it'll be more like Facebook, in a way). The hashtag #RIPTwitter started to trend as a response to the news, clearly showing users' disapproval. Here's what you need to know about the Twitter changes and we discuss whether it should be viewed as 'bad news'.

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Join us at our Manchester HUG Session in February

Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 05-Feb-2016 08:51:25

In February we're going to be hosting our Manchester HUG session. The event will include industry talks and networking opportunities. If you want to learn more about Hubspot, SEO or web design, then see us in Manchester! Tickets are free - what're you waiting for?

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DIY pay-per-click management: How setting goals will benefit your ROI

Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 03-Feb-2016 11:18:22

Pay-per-click offers lots of opportunities for small businesses who want to be found in organic search. Although some businesses shy away from PPC because they're afraid of the extra costs, you can learn how to effectively use ad campaigns to get more leads and sales without busting the piggy bank. Setting up goals is an essential part of any successful PPC strategy.

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4 uncomplicated ways to track your PPC Advert Performance

Posted by Rikki Lear on 26-Jan-2016 11:01:26

There's no denying that PPC works. We use it to drive consistent, qualified traffic to client sites and continually provide an impressive ROI. But getting to this stage isn't as simple as setting up an ad and hoping it makes an impact. You must measure performance effectively to get the most out of your ad. Here's how to track your PPC advert performance and make the most of your time in AdWords.

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How to safeguard your site's Domain Authority in 2016

Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 20-Jan-2016 12:29:58

The authority of your website domain is a strong signaling factor that shows how successfully your website is performing. The higher the authority, the better. As more small businesses are making it a priority to set up their business online, it's important more than ever to keep your domain authority (DA) high to stay ahead of the competition. 

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You're not segmenting customers properly, are you? 8 tips to get the most out of your email database

Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 19-Jan-2016 14:48:00

If you want to convert more leads and create better value marketing strategies then you need to start segmenting customers.

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Be a smart marketer: Learn how to do social media retargeting

Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 13-Jan-2016 13:15:26

Got a website with excellent content? Learn how you can use social media to retarget your audience to get your money's worth from your on site content.

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Panda is now part of Google’s core algorithm: What you need to know

Posted by Stephanie Barnes on 13-Jan-2016 11:30:14

Yesterday, we recognised there was major changes in our web rankings. Although many of these were positive, it made us wonder what sparked the sudden change. As we’ve been patiently waiting for the arrival of the real-time Penguin, we thought it had finally made its debut - however we were wrong. It was, in fact, the return of the Panda…

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Advice from PPC Experts: How negative keywords can save you money

Posted by Perry Lear on 06-Jan-2016 09:57:26

In my opinion negative keywords aren’t utilized enough. By adding these type of keywords to your campaigns it allows your ads to only show up for the most relevant searches, that's why we always utilise them in our PPC services for clients.

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